Ben Brady - Vocals, Keyboard

Ali Hass - Vocals

Meggie Ramm - Vocals

Sam Pelts - Guitar

Justin Norton - Drums

Duncan MacLeod - Bass

Coming from various backgrounds of music taste, talent and understanding we are constantly working together to embody a sound that is truly unique and expresses our individual contributions. Leading us as our gallant front man, Ben Brady weaves a bass voice capable of Jason Mraz and Kurt Elling Heights. Having the ability to incorporate every player's individual sound while driving the soul of each piece he creates music that sticks like glue and moves like water. Gaining influence from the genius of Interpol, Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine with sprinklings of The Strokes we love creating tunes with substance and a driving force within the layers. We of Suits of Steel are constantly striving to push and encourage each other to create new ways of telling stories. Our audience becomes part of the tale; an intricate cast member that gives our music life! We are so thrilled to have these opportunities to perform and cultivate music we are proud of.